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Reiki Training

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There are three levels of Reiki training in the traditional Usui system.


First Degree

First Degree is a complete course which gives you all you need to work with Reiki for the rest of your life. It is your basic "first aid" package and em- powers you to do self-Reiki as well as work on others, including plants and animals. This class is taught in a week- end seminar totalling 8-10 hours.

The student is given two attunements each day.

An attunement is similar to an energy transfer performed on the student by the Reiki teacher or Master. This process creates a direct connection between the student and the Universal Life Energy and insures that only this energy is being used for the healing work. It also increases the student's vibrational rate and intuitive abilities.


Second Degree

Second Degree Reiki is also taught in a weekend seminar. This class teaches you to add focus and power to your Reiki work and enables long distance healing. Reiki II develops a deeper relationship with ourselves and the work. You are taught specific tech- niques to heal the past, repattern thought processes and calm the emotions.


Third Degree

Third Degree Reiki is taught to those who feel led to teach or achieve extreme personal growth. It is usually accomplished by a period of apprenticeship decided by the student's teacher or organization.

We are members of the Oregon Coast Reiki Association and our period of apprenticeship is a minimum of one year which includes independent reading and logging 100 hours of Reiki sessions with clients as well as actual classroom/ teaching experience.

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